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Physician Referral: 1 (800) GS-CARES
General Hospital: 213-977-2121
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1st Floor, South Building, 637 S. Lucas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2385.  Phone:  213.977.2323 (ext. 2323)

Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 
After hours access is available to members of the medical staff by use of their physicians’ garage key card. Other hospital employees, nurses, residents and fellows may make arrangements with the librarian for entry, and by calling Security at ext. 5555

Who may use the GSH Medical Library
The library is open to all hospital employees, nurses, members of the medical staff, residents, fellows, and students affiliated with the hospital during the time of their rotation.  Please bring your Hospital I.D. badge with you.  Patients and families are very welcome and should speak with the Medical Librarian about using the library and its services.  Members of the general public may be allowed access to the library’s resources at the librarian’s discretion. 

All medical staff have 24/7 access to the library with their badge.  If other hospital staff require access to the library beyond library hours, they can request a form from the librarian.  This will be signed by their director or supervisor and given to the medical staff director for clearance. 

There are four public access terminals in the library that allow color printing. Computers are equipped with Microsoft Office programs and have access to the internet and to the hospital and library databases.

Patrons are encouraged to copy articles of interest within copyright law limitations.  Use of the Medical Library copier is limited to copying library materials.

Literature Searches          
The Medical Librarian is available to assist with evidence-based medical information and general literature searches.

Collection Development  
Electronic and print resources are available. Emphasis is on electronic access and databases that support clinical practice for all hospital specialties.  The library acquires some updated print textbooks to support teaching and current practice.  Book and journal recommendations are welcomed. 

NOTE: If the hospital experiences a power cut and electronic resources are off-line, policy is in place to contact other medical libraries for essential medical information. In an emergency, the National Library of Medicine may also open resources through their Emergency Access Initiative.

Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan          
Print copies of books and journals and other library materials may be loaned out to employees, nurses, medical staff, residents and fellows, usually for four weeks.  The most recent issues of journals are not loaned out.  Anyone needing other current, print reference books may ask the Medical Librarian to borrow books from another medical library.  The Medical Library endeavors to find free copies.  If there is a charge involved and a large number of requests from one patron, the librarian may use her discretion and not fill every one of these requests.  Fee-based interlibrary loans are not available to students. 

As an USC affiliated hospital, all GSH employees are entitled to use and borrow materials from the USC Norris Medical Library by showing their GSH badge at the Norris Library front desk. 

Any and all donations of medical, nursing, or allied health books, journals or other materials are gratefully received.   The Medical Librarian reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of any materials that do not fit the collection, are inappropriate, or are otherwise redundant.

Updated 11/15/2012



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